Gothic Photography

I have always wanted to explore the Gothic theme, and as I was unsure in what direction I wanted to take it in, I decided to start off by photographing my friend, Clare. I used her face as a canvas and from that I create what I would describe as a ‘gothic look’. instead of normal materials usually use in art (such as paint) I used makeup as a way of exploring this idea of being a ‘Goth’. from this I then placed Clare in natural surroundings and photographer her in a range of positions.

however, I still felt as though I could delve deeper into this idea of being a ‘Goth’. I then smudged her makeup and her lipstick to give off a more sinister look.

Once the photographs were taken I selected my favourite photos which I thought capture Clare in an interesting way, and a way in which you could clearly see how I am trying to portray the ‘Gothic’ theme. I then went on to edit them in Photoshop. Firstly I changed the colour to Grayscale on all of them and then I played about with the brightness and exposure till I got it to the effect I had hoped for.


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